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SEO for Yandex

Speaking of SEO services, we also need to mention Yandex Russia which is a leading search engine in the Russian segment of the Internet. Yandex takes over 60% of the market share in Russian Federation. Some of search engine optimization methods or SEO in Yandex differ from SEO for other search engines.

SEO in Yandex has the following peculiarities:

  • SEO results take longer time to reveal themselves;
  • Links from Russian regional domains matter a lot;
  • City-level geo/regional dependency – Yandex provides localized search for a huge number of Russian cities;
  • Content optimization is very tricky – Yandex does not tolerate overoptimized content;
  • Links relevancy is not too important for websites rankings;
  • On-site user behavior matters a lot for search rankings.

We design our SEO services keeping the above Yandex-specific factors in mind and make sure that the websites we work with are fully Yandex-friendly.

Why Choose Imcredo for Yandex SEO Services?

Being a multi-profile Internet marketing agency, we have accomplished a number of successful projects in .RU domain zone for local and international businesses.

Our team expertise in working with both Russian and international websites versions makes sure that none of the SEO factors important for Yandex and other search engines is missed or treated improperly.